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Online bank for business users.


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Business 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


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Overview of business finances in Nova KBM in one place.


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Access with mŽeton secure mobile token system or qualified Halcom CA digital certificate.


What does the online bank Bank@Net com offer?

A comprehensive overview of business finances, as information on balances, inflows and outflows on business accounts, credit cards, limits, loans and deposits is gathered in one place.


Access to the online bank Bank@Net com

Nova KBM

Halcom CA Qualified Digital Certificate

  • On a smart card ora USB key
  • An option of ordering from Nova KBM
  • High level of security

Mobile token mŽeton

  • Activation in the mBank@Net com mobile application
  • It enables the creation of a one-time password for accessing the online bank and confirming transactions
  • High level of security
  • Free issue and exchange
Nova KBM Nova KBM

Features of the online bank Bank@Net com

A comprehensive overview of business finances
  • Reliable and transparent performance of domestic, cross-border payment transactions and payment transactions with third countries.
  • Information on balances and transactions on business accounts in all currencies.
  • Dealing with your accounts and the accounts of other companies you've been authorized for.
  • Enter credit payments into the currency payment queue up to 360 days in advance.
  • Preparation of various payment orders (UPN, SEPA direct debits, SEPA mass payments, compensation orders, payments abroad).
  • Review of SEPA direct debits, cancellation and objection information, and refund requests on the payer's account.
  • Remote signing of previously prepared bundles in the electronic bank eBank@Net com and online bank Bank@Net com online.
  • mŽeton replacement order.
  • Ordering cash.
  • Option to register/unsubscribe from receiving e-invoices in the Bank@Net com online bank from selected e-invoice issuers.
  • Issuing and receiving e-invoices.
  • Review of received e-invoices.
  • Overview of the user's loan and deposit status.
  • Review of charge card transactions.
  • Temporary blocking and unblocking of charge cards.
  • File sharing.
  • Overview of the corporate exchange rate list and the ECB exchange rate list.
  • Possible delineation of the rights to prepare and send orders from the rights to sign.
  • Available in Slovenian and English.
Easy to use

The online bank is very easy to use. Help with explanations for carrying out individual types of transactions is available within the application.

Greater mobility

In the online bank, you can review and sign orders previously prepared by another authorized person in the online bank Bank@Net com and the electronic bank eBank@Net com.

Saving time and money
Due to complete automation, the fee for processing orders in the business online bank is lower than the fee for processing orders in the bank.
High level of security
A high level of security is ensured by the use of an advanced qualified Halcom CA digital certificate on a smart card or USB key and the proven mŽeton secure identification system.
At any moment, you have insight into various information about the business account or business accounts of the company. You also have the option of forwarding payment orders regardless of the bank's working hours. Payments are made in accordance with the rules of operation of the payment system in Slovenia, or the bank's processing schedule for payment orders with foreign countries.

How to use the online bank Bank@Net com

Login with a qualified Halcom CA digital certificate
Connect the qualified digital certificate (on a smart card or key) to the computer. When the computer detects it, enter the PIN of the digital certificate.

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Entry with mŽeton mobile token
If you want to enter Bank@Net com with the mŽeton mobile token, you must:
  • Download the new mBank@Net com mobile application, which is available in the Google Play online store and the App Store, on your mobile device:
Nova KBM Nova KBM
  • Activate the mobile token, using the activation code you received from the bank to your e-mail address and the registration number you received on the form Application for ordering a mobile token mŽeton:

Nova KBM

Nova KBM

  • To enter Bank@Net com, on the login page, enter the username you received on the mŽeton mobile token order form:
Nova KBM
  • Every time you enter Bank@Net com on the login page, you also enter a one-time password that you create with the mŽeton mobile token:
Nova KBM
Method of confirming a transaction in the Bank@Net com online bank using the mŽeton mobile token
  • First, prepare a bundle of payment orders for signature in the online bank Bank@Net com. Clicking "sign" opens a window with the CODE you need for signing with mŽeton.
  • Select the "OTP for signature" option in the mBank@Net com mobile application on your mobile device. From the Bank@Net com online bank, copy the code from the screen to the mobile application and enter the personal PIN number that you use to enter the mBank@Net com mobile application. By clicking on "CREATE PASSWORD", a one-time password (number) is generated for signing the package in the online bank Bank@Net com.
  • Copy the created password into Bank@Net com and by clicking "CONFIRM" Bank@Net com authorizes and sends the bundle to the bank.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

I am currently using the Bussines Bank@Net com online bank, but I would also like to start using the Bank@Net com online bank. What should I do?
Simultaneous use of the Business Bank@Net online bank and the Halcom solution (electronic bank eBank@Net com, online bank Bank@Net com, and/or mobile bank mBank@Net com) is not possible. If you want to start using the Bank@Net com online bank, contact your bank administrator, who will fill in the application forms. From the moment you log in to the Bank@Net com online bank, your Business Bank@Net online bank will only be available for viewing the transaction history.
I have locked the Halcom CA Qualified Digital Certificate PIN. How do I unlock it?
Please follow the instructions posted on the Halcom website.
I access the Bank@Net com online bank with the mŽeton mobile token. I have forgotten my mŽeton mobile token username and/or password. What to do?
It is necessary to order a new mŽeton mobile token. If you also access the Bank@Net com online bank with a qualified Halcom CA digital certificate, you can also order the replacement of the mobile token in the online bank. Otherwise, contact your bank administrator to place an order for a new mŽeton mobile token.
How to install Nexus Personal software?

A condition for accessing Bank@Net com with a qualified digital certificate is that you have Nexus Personal software installed on your computer. Follow the video instructions to install the program.

How to properly prepare order bundles in xml format and in accordance with SEPA standards?

A file can only be imported into Bank@Net com if it is prepared in XML format and in accordance with SEPA standards. The standards and manuals are available on the website of the Association of Banks of Slovenia and are helpful in checking errors when preparing bundles.

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