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For employees of selected companies only. Take advantage of the best Bank@work program has to offer.


For employees of selected companies only.
Take advantage of the best Bank@work program has to offer.

Nova KBM

Komplet bundle for €4.99 only.

Nova KBM

Lower interest rates on consumer and housing loans.

Nova KBM

Free one-year MasterCard or Visa cards membership.

  Our banking consultants will visit you at your place of work and make the necessary arrangements for a simple and convenient bank switch.

Check out the Komplet bundle advantages and save up to €154,12* annually:

Management fee & a debit VISA.  
Free withdrawals** (EUR,SEK,RON) at ATMs in Slovenia and EU member states.  
Free online and mobile bank services:
free payments up to €50,000 in EU member states.
Nova KBM Overdraft***.  
Free security token for online and mobile banking.  
Free Visa debit card purchase alert texts.  


€ 4,99




Take advantage of our Komplet bundle 3-month free of charge trial period.

Should you opt for a consumer loan, you will save even more, for you will be paying only €2,99**** a month for the first year.


Save up to €144,04 annually.
*An average customer already using the services included in the bundle separately, with a €1,000 overdraft, making on average 3 withdrawals at ATMs of other banks monthly, paying 5 bills at the counter, would save a staggering €154.12 a year according to the applicable price list simply by bundling.
**Exempt are any fees imposed by the foreign bank – the ATM owner.
***The bank reserves the right to cancel the overdraft should the customer not meet the bank's business policy conditions.
Cash loan in the minimum amount of €5,000 and a-36 month tenor. Offer is good if you take out a cash loan within the first year of opening the
Komplet bundle.



Payment cards allow you to settle the entire month worth of spending around the world in a single payment just once a month. You can opt for a deferred payment a MasterCard or Visa.  In addition,you will benefit from the accident insurance plan.

Deferred payment card allows 
settling your card debt in up to 12 installments. Aside from the card, all you need is the “Card purchase alert texts” service.

As a Bank@Work program 
user, you will receive a free one-year membership, even if you are an existing cardholder.


You will be able to offer the following Bank@Work program perks and advantages to your employees:

  Provide free in training courses in finance and financial advice.
  Enable employees to access attractive banking offer.
  Help employees achieve their personal financial goals faster.
  Build and strengthen relationships.