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Audited Annual Report 2018: Nova KBM is successfully pursuing the "Best Bank 2020" vision | NKBM

Audited Annual Report 2018: Nova KBM is successfully pursuing the "Best Bank 2020" vision

Audited Annual Report 2018: Nova KBM is successfully pursuing the "Best Bank 2020" vision

22 March 2019
Nova KBM decisively pursued the Strategic Plan which sets up an ambitious vision for Nova KBM d.d. to become the best bank in Slovenia in 2020. The progress and positive shifts are reflected in all strategic areas: client excellence, growth and profitability, effective risk management and compliance, operational efficiency, and organizational culture and development of employees.

The Nova KBM Group closed the year 2018 with a net profit of €72,49 million., while Nova KBM generated the profit of €75,52 million. The achieved return on equity after taxation at the end of 2018 was 10.59% at the Bank and 10.03% at the Group level. The capital adequacy ratio remains high, namely 19.59% and 20.13% for the Bank and the Group respectively, the results also show good liquidity position. The total balance sheet of Nova KBM Group increased and amounted to €4,998 billion.

The activities in the field of non-performing loans management were also successful. In 2018, the share of non-performing loans in the Bank’s portfolio decreased by 3.88 percentage points, and in the Group’s portfolio by 4.22 percentage points, which demonstrates a positive trend in both decreasing the volume of non-performing exposures and increasing repayments and restructured claims. The quality of the lending portfolio and the discipline in following the criteria for loan approvals have also improved.

Positive shifts and the successful performance of the Bank are also shown in the improved credit ratings the Bank was assigned in 2018. Moody's Investor Service improved the long-term deposit rating of Nova KBM by two notches, from Ba2 to Baa3, while Fitch Ratings confirmed Nova KBM’s Long-Term Issuer Default Rating at BB, and changed the outlook from stable to positive due to improved operations, further high potential for improvements in profitability, and a decrease in non-performing loans.

Nova KBM increased its market share in significant segments as a result of a well-thought-out business, sales and marketing strategy, positive changes in internal organisation and culture, and the commitment of all employees. With its more than 800 banking points, Nova KBM is the most accessible bank in the country. In recent years, we have successfully set up the model of specialised bank offices (SBOs) in post offices. At the end of 2018, there were 10 SBOs in the network, and this service is planned to be further expanded in the future.

Digitalisation remains a priority development area in Nova KBM. In 2018, we introduced several e-services that simplify financial transactions of customers. As a result, the Bank recorded a record-breaking use of digital services in 2018, and research has shown that customers are increasingly satisfied with these services.


The Bank incorporates its efforts on social responsibility and sustainable development in all levels of its operations. By doing so, Nova KBM does not only provide for active compliance with the law, ethical rules and national and international standards, but also satisfies its own interests in the context of long-term strengthening of a broader society welfare and preservation of the natural environment.

John Denhof, CEO: »We are proud of the results achieved that clearly demonstrate our strategic focus, hard work of our employees and client excellence. We have many additional plans, challenges and ideas on how to further improve our performance. Nova KBM is decisively on the track to become the best bank in Slovenia.«

Dr. Andrej Fatur, president of the Supervisory Board: “In 2018 Nova KBM successfully implemented the strategic development plan which is supported also by the Bank’s owners and SB, that share the same goals with the Management Board and employees in the area of improving the operations, digitalization, focusing on clients and sustainability.”

Sorodne vsebine
12 apr OBVESTILA Successful operations of Nova KBM in 2022 and continued growth in OTP Group (Maribor, 12. April 2023) Nova KBM published the Report of the Nova KBM Group and the Bank for the 2022 financial year. The report indicates that we have consolidated our position as the most accessible bank in Slovenia and recorded excellent performance. We provide our customers with top quality and comprehensive financial services that can be performed anywhere and at any time. At the 2022 year-end Nova KBM recorded a profit of EUR 115.6 million and the Nova KBM Group EUR 106.1 million. The ESG Report was published along with the Annual Report, detailing our vision, activities and achievements in introducing environmental and social aspects into business and in the field of corporate governance. 9 feb OBVESTILA Moody’s upgrades Nova Kreditna banka Maribor d.d. deposit ratings to A3 from Baa1, and changes deposit outlook to stable On 7 February 2023, the rating agency Moody’s Investors Service (»Moody's«) upgraded the long-term local and foreign currency deposit ratings of Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor d.d. (»Nova KBM«) to A3 from Baa1 and changed the outlook to stable from ratings under review. Concurrently, Moody's also upgraded Nova KBM's Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA) and Adjusted BCA to baa3 from ba1, and its junior unsecured debt rating to Baa3 from Ba1.The bank’s short-term local and foreign currency deposit ratings were affirmed at P-2. The most significant acquisition in OTP Group’s history is closed 6 feb OBVESTILA The most significant acquisition in OTP Group’s history is closed OTP Group is pleased to announce that, following the receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals, the acquisition of Nova KBM Group in Slovenia has been successfully completed, finishing the most complex acquisition process ever undertaken by the banking group. The purchase of NKBM is the most significant acquisition in the history of OTP Group enabling the group to become market leader in the fifth country and further strengthen its market position in the CEE Region.
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