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We were awarded several recognitions for efficient and successful communication.




  Deutsche Bank's 2014 Gold Straight-Through Processing (STP) Excellence Award / EUR STP Excellence award
  Highest award at the international Digital Communication Awards – DCA in Berlin in the category Content Marketing for the project Living my Life
  Golden award at Diggit, Slovenian Conference on Digital Communications, for innovative advertising campaign Zlatko – Living my Life
  3rd prize at WEBSI in the category Special Digital Projects for digital annual report 2014
  International Gold Quill Award in the category Finance, Insurance and Banking Services


  At the international media trends conference SEMPL for the campaign “Living my Life” with rapper Zlatko (Ruler of the World by Nova KBM)
  International Gold Quill 2014 award for communications excellence for the project Rhyme with Zlatko (Ruler of the World by Nova KBM)


  The most effective brand in year 2012 – Ruler of the World by Nova KBM
  Silver Effie for the campaign Ruler of the World by Nova KBM
  Bronze Effie for the marketing communication campaign Rhyme with Zlatko (Ruler of the World by Nova KBM)
  Main award at the Slovenian Advertising Festival in the categories Digital Advertising Campaigns, Digital Communication, Created and Branded Content and golden awards for innovative forms of communication and integrated advertising campaign


  Regional Emerald award for the project Ruler of the World by Nova KBM
  International Gold Quill Award for excellence in business communication for the project Ruler of the WorldI
  Silver award for website at the Slovenian Advertising Festival for the campaign Ready for Tomorrow and award for the best illustration in advertising
  Golden Sempler in the category Strategic Use of the Media Mix for the marketing communication campaign Ready for Tomorrow
  Golden Sempler in the category Best Use of the Digital World for the project Rhyme with Zlatko in the framework of the brand for young people Ruler of the World
  Campaign Rhyme with Zlatko was shortlisted at the European Excellence Awards
  Golden prize at the Midas Awards in the field of financial advertising and marketing for the campaign Rhyme with Zlatko
  3rd place at WEBSI in the category Be-za-BE Be-za-Ce for the website Ruler of the world by Nova KBM and 4th place among all entered projects
  6th place at WEBSI for the website Ruler of the World
  At BalCannes, which assesses the best practices of creativity and innovation in the communication branch in the area of former Yugoslavia, the campaign Rhyme with Zlatko was ranked among 25 top-quality marketing practices out of 101 entered projects
  Victory at the so called Arena of Business Solutions in the category for entrepreneurs with the presentation of Moneta mTerminal


  Silver prizes for advertising
  Bronze Effie for communication efficiency
  The Best Company and the Best Manager
  The Best Financial Manager of the Year


  The Best Annual Report of the Decade Among Financial Institutions
  The Safest Online Banking Service


  The Best Bank in Slovenia
  The Most Successful IPO
  PRIZMA – the most prestigious Slovene prize for excellence in communication


  The Best Company and the Best Manager
Nova KBM received 3 silver prizes for advertising
At the 20th Slovene Advertising Festival (SOF) Nova KBM was awarded three silver prizes in different categories, and for different communication actions. The jury gave a silver prize to Nova KBM for each of the following campaigns:
  • the overall campaign 'Sveta vladar' (Ruler of the World), which is a new brand name of our bank meant for young people, aiming at conquering their hearts in a non-traditional fashion, 
  • the radio advertisement for ECO-loans, and 
  • the innovative advertising of Housing loans
Bronze Effie
As the only financial institution among the 14 competing finalists, Nova KBM was awarded a bronze Effie prize for its housing loans campaign: »Do you already know how the bell of your new home will sound?«. Effie, the most distinguished prize in the area of marketing communication at home and abroad, is given for ideas which really work in practice.
The best Financial Manager of the Year
At the financial fair 'Kapital' taking place in Ljubljana in April 2010, Slovene journalists and editors awarded Matjaž Kovačič, President of the Management Board of Nova KBM, the 'Best Financial Manager of the Year' prize.
The Best Annual Report of the Decade among Financial Institutions
Nova KBM is a company with the largest number of shareholders of any Slovene company. Its responsibility towards shareholders and other stakeholders is demonstrated also by transparent reporting on Bank's operations. The excellence in this field is proved by the prize for the best annual report among Slovene financial institutions over the last 10 years, as well as by the several times awarded annual report of Nova KBM Group and Nova KBM.

The assessment committee of the competition for the best annual report, which has been arranged by the Finance newspaper since 1999, pointed out that Nova KBM has remained most loyal to the competition and has each year endeavoured to improve the contents of its annual reports. The best annual report of the last decade was chosen by a special mathematical-statistical model that showed that Nova KBM was the best among 30 financial institutions participating in the competition in this period.
Bank@Net - the Safest Online Banking Service
According to the survey conducted by the Kapital magazine, the online banking of Nova KBM, Bank@Net, is the safest online banking service in Slovenia.
The Bank of the Year
The Banker, an edition of Financial Times, awarded in 2008 Nova KBM the 'Bank of the Year' prize. According to The Banker, Nova KBM was awarded the prize on the basis of its outstanding 2007 performance and the strategic objectives set for the next five-year period. In 2007, Nova KBM recorded an increase in profit by 15.15%, while the cost-to-income ratio fell from 54.82% to 51.34%. Moreover, by introducing Moneta mobile phone payments, Nova KBM was the pioneer of secure mobile banking, which confirms the contemporaneity of strategic orientations in the development of Nova KBM. The successful international IPO contributed to the prize as well, since this has been the largest IPO ever in Slovenia. About 500 banks from over 140 countries and regions participated in the selection.

The Banker magazine has been awarding the prize 'Bank of the Year' since 1998. Leading financial companies from the growing markets, as well as companies engaged in cash and asset management have been among awarded institutions. In selecting the bank of the year, the international group of judges considers numerous criteria, such as operating results, growth rates and performance indicators, but also technological platforms, and any information on mergers, acquisitions and strategic development.
The most successful IPO
In October 2008, Nova KBM was awarded by the Swedish company East Capital for the most successful initial public offering (IPO). East Capital regularly follows operations of companies in Eastern Europe, and managers and analysts of East Capital funds visit each year more than 500 companies in the region. East Capital awards those companies that contribute most actively to growth in the region. In addition to Nova KBM, two other companies received the prize in 2008: VimpleCom, a Russian mobile phone operator, was awarded for the largest growth, and the Croatian company Atlantic Grupa, the leading European producer of vitamin drinks and sports food and the leading distributor of consumer goods, was chosen as the discovery of the year.  
PRIZMA - the most prestigious Slovene prize fol Excellence in communication
At the Slovene Public Relations Conference held in October 2008, Nova KBM was awarded the prize Prizma – the most prestigious Slovene prize for excellence in communication. The Bank received the prize together with the SPEM Communication Group with which it drafted, organised and carried out the communication strategy on the occasion of the November 2007 IPO. According to the jury, the awarded communication project included a wide range of well-coordinated activities that were all properly managed, despite a very demanding time frame. The project team was successful throughout the assigned task, from planning of the activities, their implementation and coordination, up to the end of the project.   
The Best Company and the Best Manager
In 2007 in 2010, at the annual event 'NajMariborčan', Nova KBM received two awards – Nova KBM was selected by the citizens of Maribor as the best company, and Matjaž Kovačič was chosen by media as the best manager. 60 journalists of Maribor-based media agencies and 450 randomly selected households took part in the selection.